Ueno Panda Family Rolling Stamp

$6.37 USD

The Ueno Panda Family has become a small and cute roller stamp.
(The Ueno Panda Family is Xiang Xiang, Xiao Xiao, Lei Lei, Shin Shin and Ri Ri.)

When you roll them on the paper, a pattern of the Ueno panda family appears.
The set includes two cute motifs: a smiling face and a back view of the panda family.

Use them to decorate your diaries and letters to make them smile.

Body   W25  x  D17  x  H48  (mm)
Seal  width 10mm

・This is a penetrating stamp that does not require ink.
・Do not use on anything other than paper.
・Please be sure to put the cap on after use.

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