Mogumogu Panda T-shirt (Black)

$21.43 USD

The second edition of the Ueno Information Center's original T-shirts is now available in a new look!

Xiang Xiang, Xiao Xiao, and Lei Lei are having a meal together.
The detailed brush strokes, even down to the fur, are expressed in vivid full color.
Please enjoy the adorable expressions of Xiang Xiang, Xiao Xiao, and Lei Lei.

The T-shirts are available in unisex sizes M, L, and XL.

≪Details of each size≫

size M XL
length (cm) 69 73 77
width of a garment(cm) 52 55 58
shoulder width (cm) 46 50 54
height of a sleeve(cm) 19 22 24

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 White T-shirts are available here.
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