Fukutoku Mebuki bracelet

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This unique bracelet, crafted from synthetic leather in a vivid sprout green, showcases designs inspired by Fukutoku Shrine's sprout mark and rice stalks linked to Mebuki Inari.

With delicate laser-cut patterns and a bold color, it's ideal for both wearing and capturing photos with your favorite items. Its lightweight feel ensures comfort when wrapped around the wrist, and it's also adjustable in length for added versatility.

(Largest point)
Length approx. 235mm x Width approx. 17mm

🍃What is the Fukutoku Shrine's history?🍃

The main deity worshipped at Fukutoku Shrine is Ukanomitama-no-Mikoto, the god associated with agricultural prosperity. Though the precise founding date of the shrine is unknown, ancient tales suggest it may have been established during the Jogan era (reign of Emperor Seiwa, 859–876 AD).
The area where the shrine is located, near Nihonbashi Muromachi 2-chome, was originally known as a shrine dedicated to Inari, and later it became known as "Fukutoku Inari" after the village name.

 During the Edo period, Fukutoku Shrine was one of the few shrines permitted to conduct lottery activities, which contributed to its popularity due to its auspicious name "Fukutoku" meaning good fortune. It is believed to bring luck in financial matters and lottery winnings.
In recent years, Fukutoku Shrine has gained attention as a place to pray for success in obtaining tickets for live performances and theater shows.

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