【Nihonbashi HAIBARA】 gift set

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This gift set is an assortment of popular products from Haibara, a long-established Japanese paper company.
Products using Haibara's original chiyogami designs in vivid, pop colors from the Meiji and Taisho eras will add color to everyday life.
It is recommended as a gift for a loved one.

◆Contents of the products Total 7 items

・Haibara notebook
* Patterns will be sent at random (not available for selection).

The notebook is made of high quality paper, which makes it very smooth to write on. The notebook is carefully bound with a 180-degree opening thread binding.

Number of pages 160 pages
ruled line horizontal line
Size 16.5cm x 11.3cm

・hand mirror
* Patterns will be sent at random (not available for selection).

The special vinyl case makes it easy to carry and very convenient for everyday use in a pouch or bag.

Size about 7.6cm
raw materials Mirror: acrylic
Case: Vinyl chloride

・Hexagonal brush case
* Pattern will be sent at random (cannot be selected)

It can be folded thin, so it can be compactly stored away when not in use.
It can also be used as a pen stand or accessory case.

Size when folded:12cm x 13.cm
When assembled:12.5cm x 9.5cm

・Edo Old Map Letter Set 
*One of the two types will be sent (your choice cannot be accepted).

An old woodblock-printed map from the Edo period is now available as a letter set. There are two types of maps: "Bunko Edo Dai Edutsu" (Great Map of Edo) from the 11th year of Bunsei (1828) and "Oedo Dai Ezu" (Great Map of Edo) from the 14th year of Tenpo (1843). Edo Castle as well as place names such as Nihonbashi, Kanda, and Hongo can be seen.

volume Letterhead: 8 sheets of the same pattern
Envelopes: 4 sheets
Size Letterhead length 21cm, width 14.8cm
Envelope 11.4cm long, 16cm wide

・Postcards (2)
*Patterns will be sent at random (not available for selection).

These postcards are reprints of designs from the "Jyudama Bunko" in Haibara, Japan.

Size 10.5cm x 15cm

・Memogram with bellows
* Patterns will be sent at random (not available for selection)

This memo pad is folded like a bellows.
It is perforated at each fold, so you can cut it out anywhere you like.

the number of flat things 60-page booklet
Size Height 8 cm, width 10.3 cm
Paper Type Cover-Chiyogami 
Text: Western paper

Founded in 1806, Haibara specializes in washi paper and paper products.
It offers a "life with washi" through high-quality washi handmade by craftsmen, woodblock-printed kinpu, originally designed chiyogami, and other paper products.

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