【Todaya】Tapestry Set (Oedo Nihonbashi, Yohhen Tenmoku Tea Bowl)

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This set includes 1 pair of tapestry sticks for vertically patterned tenugui hand towels and 2 tenugui hand towels.
For those who want to enjoy the beautiful patterns of tenugui like a painting.

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・Japanese Cypress Tapestry Stick (white wood)
This is a stick for a tenugui tapestry made of solid Japanese Cypress made in Japan.
Simply place the top and bottom of the tenugui between the sticks to complete the tapestry.

length 410mm
Diameter of rod 200mm
raw materials Japanese cypress 

【Cautions for Tapestry Sticks】
The fragrance components (monoterpenes such as alpha-pinene) contained in the wood of Japanese cypress may appear in an oily state, but this does not pose a problem to the performance or health of the product.

・Rien-dyed tenugui hand towel "Oedo Nihonbashi

Won first place in the goods category of"Chuo City Recommended Souvenirs - Central Tokyo Premium Selection" organized by Chuo City Tourism Association!

This tenugui hand towel was produced in collaboration with designer Shino Kamogawa.

The rivers, bridges, stores, and people of the Nihonbashi area are lined up in various places, and the bustling atmosphere of the town is colorfully expressed in this work.

※What is "Chuo City Recommended Souvenirs - Central Tokyo Premium Selection"?
The top 20 products in each of the two categories of "food" and "goods" were selected by voting.
The selected products will be called"Central Tokyo Premium Selection
Central Tokyo Premium Selection" for three years.

※Kamogawa Shino
Printmaker and tenugui (hand towel) artist. She is active as "Kobo Kamo" (studio duck) and also works as a part-time lecturer at Kyoto College of Art and Design.

Size Approx. 37cm×98cm
raw materials 100% cotton


・Rien-dyed tenugui hand towel "Yohhen Tenmoku Tea Bowl
Inaba Tenmoku" from the collection of Seikado Bunko Art Museum was used as the motif.

The "Yohen Tenmoku Tea Bowl" is said to have been made in the Nan-ei period (1127-1279). The inside is a beautiful universe of large and small ripples of indigo and blue that float like stars and shine in rainbow colors.
All three existing Yohhen Tenmoku Tea Bowls are in the Seikado Bunko Art Museum in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, and are designated as National Treasures.

Size Approx.37cm×90cm
raw materials 100% cotton

【Cautions for Tenugui Towels】
・Please note that the color may transfer due to perspiration or friction when you start to use the Tenugui because it is a traditional craft (Chizome).
・When washing, please wash alone with plenty of water.
・Please avoid soaking the product in water.
・Colors may fade or shrink slightly when washed.
・Colors may vary depending on the environment in which they are viewed.
The edges of the tenugui are traditionally left uncut. This is to make it easier to dry after getting wet and to prevent dirt from accumulating on the edges of the fabric to keep it clean.

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