"Ueno Panda Family" Mini Accordion Writing Pad

$4.58 USD

Stationery that's fit for the modern age!

This accordion writing paper can be perforated and cut out according to the length of the letter being written.

The palm-sized letter paper comes with a set of five mini-sized envelopes, making it perfect for small notes and letters or for messages included with gifts.

It's also decorated with the adorable Ueno panda family, making it a delight for both the letter writer and the recipient!


■ Contains: 60 sheets of letter paper, 5 envelopes
■ Material: Paper (letter paper made of Western paper, envelope made of Tanabata paper)
■Size Box packaging (external dimensions): length 10.5 x width 5.2 x height 1.2 cm Letter paper length: 9.5 x width 4 cm Envelope length: 10.2 x width 4.6 cm

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