【KATANUKI-YA】Ueno Panda Family Walk Baumkuchen (plain flavor)

$4.58 USD

Part of the cut-out Baumkuchen series, this Baumkuchen with images of the Ueno Panda Family taking a leisurely walk is an Ueno Information Center original design. Each individual box will surprise you with one of four different designs of one of the Ueno Pandas: Ri Ri, Shin Shin, Shan Shan, Xiao Xiao and Lei Lei. The subtle flavor of eggs and almonds makes this plain-flavored Baumkuchen mild in its sweetness.

★Receive a special version box that fits three items when purchasing three Ueno Panda Family Walk Baumkuchen
※Available until sold-out
※Does not apply to Baumkuchen with other designs


eggs, dairy, wheat, almonds, soy

※Prepared with western wine, but does not include alcohol content.

※Made in a facility that processes shrimp, orange, cashew nuts, kiwi, beef, walnuts, sesame, chicken, peach, potato, apple, gelatin.

1 piece
Size Box size: about 6cm wide x 8.5cm long x 4.8cm wide
Storage instructions

Keep away from humidity and direct sunlight.

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