Ueno Panda Family Mask Case Mini (Gray)

$11.83 USD

A portable mask case with an illustrated motif of Shin Shin and Lei Lei.

It is also designed with Asanoha, a hemp leaf pattern that represents a wish for children's healthy growth. Plus, the panda design is printed with silver foil for quite a chic finish.

The Yuzen paper on the front goes through a kneading process and is coated with reinforcing material especially for traditional Japanese paper (washi) to improve resistance against water and abrasion.

The inner part of the case is made of a fabric material treated with the CLEANSE(※) technology for antibacterial and antiviral functional fibers.

Not just adorable but also highly functional!

※The anti-virus fiber "CLEANSE" is a processing technology that strongly immobilizes the antimicrobial ingredient etak (an immobilized, antibacterial ingredient researched and commercialized based on Etak, an antiseptic used for cleaning and treatment of the oral cavity) on the fiber surface.

It reduces the number of specific viruses in fibers by more than 99%. It was confirmed to be effective against approximately 20 types of microorganisms and viruses, including specific viruses, MRSA, and E. coli. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria such as Moraxella and Staphylococcus aureus on fibers, which are said to be one of the causes of the unpleasant, "half-dry" odor. It also has excellent durability for washing.

Size: Approx.160×205mm

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