"Ueno Panda Family" Cotton Mask BU (Gray)

$11.83 USD
Introducing a cotton mask made of soft, fluffy double gauze fabric with a motif featuring the Ueno panda family!

Available in two colors: gray and white.

One design features the pandas that celebrated their 10th anniversary this year, Shin Shin and Ri Ri. Look carefully and see the interesting details on each mask: the two look as if they are keeping the mask firmly on your face using their bottoms and the other one shows Xiang Xiang seemingly holding the mask down with his front paws!

Made of double gauze fabric that feels comfortable to the skin. Allows a perfect fit as the nose portion contains shape-memory resin material. The elastic for the ears is made of a soft material that is not painful even when using for long periods of time.
Plus, the three-dimensional design prevents it from losing its shape.

With an adorable design and gentle feel on the skin, it can brighten anyone's spirits!♪

《How to use》
*The nose part contains shape-memory resin material to allow a snug fit. Make sure it covers the nose and mouth when worn, and place the elastic bands over each ear.
*Tie the elastic band to adjust the length as preferred. Keep the knot hidden inside the mask.

《Cautions for use》
*Wash the mask before first time usage.
*This product can be hand-washed and is reusable.
*Use with detergent that does not contain fluorescent bleach.
*This product does not completely block viruses or pollen.
*If your skin reacts badly to the product, discontinue use.
*Do not bend or twist the wire at the nose.

■Size: Length approx. 170mm x Width approx. 130mm
Elastic cord: 330mm (the length can be adjusted according to where it is tied)
■Material: 100% cotton

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