"Ueno Panda Family" Pocket Watch Bag Charm (GR)

$26.00 USD

A pocket watch bag charm with an illustration of the beloved Ueno panda family!

Wear it on your bag and stay on top of the time.

The basic dark green color is great for coordinating outfits or accessories around it.

The vinyl packaging is also decorated with the Ueno panda family and can be used as a pouch!

*This item is not waterproof.

*The color appearance as seen on your screen or monitor may slightly differ from the actual product.

*The battery included is used by the store to check the condition of the watch. Although the battery is fully charged at the time of production at the factory, please note that the remaining battery level may vary depending on the time of manufacture.

*The watch will be delivered with the crown unopened and in working condition to prevent moisture and dust from entering the mechanism.

*One year manufacturer's warranty
If malfunction occurs during the warranty period under normal use, the manufacturer will repair or adjust the watch free of charge.



Main unit:
(Watch diameter) Approx. 34mm,
(Strap) Approx. 212mm

Package length: 160mm, width 96mm



Watch movement: Made in Japan
Case: Alloy
Belt: Synthetic leather
Package: PVC and paper

※Includes 1-year warranty


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