"Ueno Panda Family" Stemware Glass (Baby)

$6.94 USD

A retro glass with a motif of Xiang Xiang playing energetically, and Ri Ri and Shin Shin with a gentle expression.

The baby glass (Xiang Xiang) holds 160ml.

When you turn it around, you can see the adorable pandas from behind!

The stemmed glass is cute whether viewed from the front or the back.

The glass is even cuter when used as a set with the parent glass (Ri Ri & Shin Shin).

※For each "Ueno Panda Family Stemware Glass" you purchase, you will receive an original "Baby Panda Birth Commemorative Coaster" from the Ueno Information Center!





Max. 62mm, Diameter of glass mouth 60mm, Height 90mm

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