【Ueno Fuugetsu-do】Gaufre Choco Crunch (Panda)

$5.00 USD

Addictive Choco Crunch made from Ueno Fugetsu-do's signature Gaufre Waffers mixed with chocolate.

This is a special limited package design by the Ueno Information Center and attached is a cute message card featuring a Xiang Xiang panda motif.

Treat yourself or give it as a gift to someone you know. You can write a special thank you message to someone in your life whose smile you are grateful for.

cruch chocolate 6 per package
message card: 1

Message card dimensions: 89mm × 84mm


Internal capacity 6 pieces
raw materials

non-fat cow's milk (domestic), wheat flour, milk chocolate (sugar, vegetable oil, cocoa mass, whole wheat flour, cocoa powder), liquid egg whites, cow's milk, sugar, margarine, salt, leavening agent, emulsifier (soy lecithin), aroma, antioxidants (Vitamin C, VItamin E)



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