Panda Mame-ita Candied Bean Slab Draw-string Bag (6 pieces)

$6.00 USD

A new design of the Panda Mame-ita Mini Draw-string Bag so popular at the Ueno Information Center. The new package features the Baby Panda Twins that were born at Ueno Zoo.

With six pieces inside, it is a compact size, ideal for sharing or as a small gift. Made of a cotton-linen blend, the little draw-string bag can be re-used to store small knick-knacks or carry around small daily-life items.


Ingredients: Roasted peanuts (manufactured in Japan), starch syrup, okoshi seeds (rice flour, starch, wheat flour, salt), sugar, maltose, processed fructose, isomal oligosaccharide, vegetable oil, white sesame seeds, soy sauce (contains soybeans)/trehalose, caramel color, leavening agent, glue (pullulan), seasoning (amino acids), emulsifier

6 pieces (White syrup flavor x3, Black syrup flavor x3)
Draw-string bag size Outer packaging 135×110mm
Storage Instructions
Keep away from direct sunlight, high temperatures and humidity.

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