【Oosawa Shinise】Ueno Panda Family Black Tea with Ginger

$5.00 USD

A package redesign of the ever popular tea by Oosawa Shinise, a famous shop iwith over 160 -year old history in Bunkyo City's Yushima district. The label now features the panda twins of Ueno Panda Family.

The painstaikingly prepared tea leaves retain their deep flavor even when steeped more than twice.

Moreover, the added ginger will warm you up.

The easy to use tea bags make preparing and enjoying delicious tea at home or at the office even more accesible than ever.

■Contents: 30g (5g x 6 bags)

■Preservation method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and be careful of odors.


size Package: Width 130mm x Length 130mm
Gusset: approximately 60mm
raw materials

tea, ginger


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