【Kintaro Ame Honten】Twin Panda Hard Candy

$3.00 USD

Original hard candy designed with the motif of the baby panda twins. In the middle of each piece of candy you can see the cute faces of the two little pandas. Full of the cuteness of pandas, and the candy maker's skill. Because they are hand-made each candy has a different face, so you can enjoy finding their unique features. To increase the level of cuteness we have added heart-shaped candy too.

■9 pieces inside each bag;
・Twins…green apple flavor 5 pieces
・Pink Hear… peach flavor 2 pieces
・Blue Heart…soda flavor 2 pieces

size Outer packaging: approximately 200mm×115mm

raw materials

Starch syrup (manufactured in Japan), sugar, cornstarch, wheat flour, Acidifier, Flavorings, Colorings (Blue 1, Yellow 4, Red 102)


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