【Tokyo Karakusaya】Yuzen-Dyed Arabesque Furoshiki Cloth

$6.76 USD

This furoshiki or wrapping cloth with an arabesque pattern may conjur up the image of a "Thief's Furoshiki" for many. This type of furoshiki was produced around the early 1900s, during the Meiji Period in Japan.

Vines are considered a symbol of longevity and prosperity of descendants due to their amazing vitality and the endless growth of their stems.

The shantung arabesque pattern has a casual vibe and is great for wrapping around lunch boxes or even as a small present for friends.
It is also fitting as a gift for celebrations such as weddings since the pattern represents a wish for lasting happiness.

100% cotton
Machine washable

size 500mm


※Actual color may slightly differ depending on the monitor you are using to display this page

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